carnadosa (carnadosa) wrote in the_rec_room,

BTVS: Giles/Buffy

Good evening fellow fans!

So I browsing the fic fest summer_of_giles the other day and read an awesome story called Arms and the Man, which made me want to read other Giles/Buffy stories. Except it's been something like seven years since I've wanted to play on the het side of the force in any kind of large way, and it's also been ages since I've wandered into a new pairing that's a closed canon and that nobody on my delicious network is into. So I've rather forgotten how to go about finding fanworks when I don't even know where to start.

What I'm looking for is pairing classics, pairing recs pages, that awesome community (even if it's no longer really active)...all the stuff you would send somebody if you were pimping that pairing/fandom to a newbie. Surely someone, somewhere, has written a pairing manifesto?


EDIT: Thanks for so many links and resources! I'd wanted to reply to each item...but work got crazy and school got crazy and I won't have internet access for the next week and that seemed like to long without an acknowledgment.

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