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Hi everyone, I'm looking for an old Black Rebel Motorcycle Club (BRMC) fic I saw on a long time ago (it's been deleted from there). I'm pretty sure it was called "And when was better" after their song, it wasn't nsfw, I don't even quite remember the pairing but it really struck something with me and I want to find it again.

LF Naruto and Kurama FF

This fanfic is most likely on AO3, but possibly on as those are my most common places to read in that order.
The basic premise of the fanfiction was that when Naruto was still in the orphanage, the seal had somehow allowed Kurama to leak some of his chakra out. He used this chakra to form a small fox kit, and he acted as a nin-fox. Naruto was aware that Kurama was the Kyuubi.
Specific details I remember is that Kurama treated everyone including Kakashi and Tenzo/Yamato because if they were foxes, they'd still be learning to hunt with their mothers. Or something along those lines.
Because of this he always acted older than everyone (they humored him). In one instance he went gambling/scammed some people out of money, and Kakashi scolded him for it. Kurama acted cute, dipping his ears back and whining, and was let off.
Kurama also aged himself realistically, so he grew gray fur, lost some agility and mobility, and eventually just sat on people all the time. He broke it to Naruto that he would have to "die" to avoid suspicion, and Naruto was very upset even though he would just "find another kit" and it would still be Kurama.

Thanks in advance! I've been looking for this fic for forever, if anyone could find it I'd be so grateful.

Please Help. Sailor Moon Fic

Please help me find an old Sailor Moon fic. I read it on ffn and I can’t really remember what it was about but that it was heavily au. Instead of staying in Tokyo all the time they had to leave to fight the monsters in other countries. The costumes or fuku were different too. From what I can remember they were almost like Saber’s outfit from fate/stay night. Long skirt and armour. I think the shitennou were good or became good as the fic went on. The last I read it I think that there were over 30 chapters? And yeah. Thanks a bunch for helping me.







I've looked everywhere.
It's Loveless the anime.
I thought it was on
ritsuka is older, highschool, and he by chance meet his fight loveless. seimei shows up and takes soubi back. i remember the age difference between them not being huge. there was a plot point about how soubi never stoped ritsukas mom from hurting him, but his real fighter does.
i think it was before the maga update- as the fighter takes ritsuka to HIS school for pairs and it is nice not evil and scary like soubis.
and there was a cute aside about the meaning of loveless- to be loved by many but only love one in return....
i just cant find it.

Legend of Zelda Fic

Hi, I'm trying to find a copy of "In too Deep" by DarkMoonX.

It's a Link/Ghirahim story that is complete. It used to be up on but seems to have been taken down. If anyone knows somewhere that I can read it again or have a downloadable copy I'd really appreciate it!

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Cut for sexual assault mentions:

Now that I know for a fact my college computer's harddrive can't be revived, I'm looking for a few things.

The first was a website that was still around in the 00s, possibly in the 2002-05 area. It was an Ares (Xena Warrior Princess and Hercules The Legendary Journeys) focused fic site. I want to say it was specifically dark!Ares-focused, but I could be wrong. I think it was a smaller site, with between-1-and-possibly-a-handful-of-authors on it, and (when I used it) the background was... Light blue I think? I know it's a weirdly-specific longshot, but help is appreciated here.

The second was an actual fic! It was a Xena-Hercules fandom fic, I think it was meant to be a long, chaptered one. Anyway, in it I think Joxer says/does something that pisses Ares off, and Ares ends up leaving him draped over a barrel for his army. Like, literally, last I read Joxer was ass up tied over a barrel.

Any recs for surviving Ares/Joxer non/dub-con?