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25th-Feb-2019 07:25 pm - Loveless
I've looked everywhere.
It's Loveless the anime.
I thought it was on ff.net
ritsuka is older, highschool, and he by chance meet his fight loveless. seimei shows up and takes soubi back. i remember the age difference between them not being huge. there was a plot point about how soubi never stoped ritsukas mom from hurting him, but his real fighter does.
i think it was before the maga update- as the fighter takes ritsuka to HIS school for pairs and it is nice not evil and scary like soubis.
and there was a cute aside about the meaning of loveless- to be loved by many but only love one in return....
i just cant find it.
2nd-Jan-2019 01:32 pm - Clex fic help
Clark is fed up with Lex’s “super villain” schemes so he kidnapps him because he says Lex needs a vacation.

They end up together at the end.

Any and all help is appreciated!
20th-Aug-2018 01:32 am - Legend of Zelda Fic
Hi, I'm trying to find a copy of "In too Deep" by DarkMoonX.

It's a Link/Ghirahim story that is complete. It used to be up on fanfiction.net but seems to have been taken down. If anyone knows somewhere that I can read it again or have a downloadable copy I'd really appreciate it!
28th-Jul-2018 08:20 am(no subject)
Cut for sexual assault mentions:

Now that I know for a fact my college computer's harddrive can't be revived, I'm looking for a few things.

The first was a website that was still around in the 00s, possibly in the 2002-05 area. It was an Ares (Xena Warrior Princess and Hercules The Legendary Journeys) focused fic site. I want to say it was specifically dark!Ares-focused, but I could be wrong. I think it was a smaller site, with between-1-and-possibly-a-handful-of-authors on it, and (when I used it) the background was... Light blue I think? I know it's a weirdly-specific longshot, but help is appreciated here.

The second was an actual fic! It was a Xena-Hercules fandom fic, I think it was meant to be a long, chaptered one. Anyway, in it I think Joxer says/does something that pisses Ares off, and Ares ends up leaving him draped over a barrel for his army. Like, literally, last I read Joxer was ass up tied over a barrel.

Any recs for surviving Ares/Joxer non/dub-con?

27th-May-2018 06:41 pm - Smallville Clark/OC fic

Hello, I'm looking for a series of works done by one author. Clark Kent meets a girl who turns out to also be from Krypton. In one fic there was a scene where Clark and the OC make love under the stars on a floating platform and they create a light show. I also remember that there was a lot of mention about leather boots, the OC wore a lot of fancy footwear. And in another one it was revealed that Lex was dating the OC's mother. I'm pretty sure that it is posted on FanFiction but I'm not 100% sure so please let me know if anyone knows where I can find this series of fics! Thanks!

23rd-Apr-2018 12:14 pm - Itasaku

I am looking for a really good itasaku fic. the fic was broken into two parts. The first part has itachi being held prisoner in konoha. Sakura was assigned to see him in the prison and she starts to harbour feelings for him. At the end of the first one, the readers are led to believe that itachi has been executed. However in the beginning of the second fic, we find out that itachi switched places with one of the guards in chage of him to bring him to the execution place so he ends up surviving. I think the first part was rated T and the second part was rated M but there was no smut in either of the fics and I can't remember if the author finished the series or not. Please let me know if you happen to know this fic!

25th-Feb-2018 03:36 am - Missing Thorki Arranged Marriage Fic
I read a fanfiction on AO3 a long time ago where Thor and Jotun!Loki were in an arranged marriage. I think it was two chapters long (completed) and may have been a part of a series. ANYWAY I remember Thor doing everything he could to please Loki, and that Loki made him feel hideous and incompetent and Loki stabbed Thor but was intercepted by Frigga who made him help heal Thor and apologize. I have NO IDEA where this fanfic is. Please help, thanks!!
18th-Dec-2015 10:50 pm - Creature!Draco is rejected by Harry
Stargate Atlantis
I'm looking for fics where Draco Malfoy is a (part/half) Veela or some other (part/half) creature and for whatever reason has decided that Harry Potter is his mate, but Harry is unimpressed and absolutely not interested nor does he give in to the pressure to become Draco's mate.

The reason for Malfoy wanting Harry as his mate doesn't matter. It can be that Harry is his destined mate, because Draco's creature half is zeroing in on the most powerful wizard nearby, someone has used potions or spells to make him believe Harry is his mate, or something else. Harry's main reason for rejecting creature!Draco is that Harry is straight. Other reasons can be that he hates/dislikes Draco, he has a girlfriend, or something else.

There are a lot of Draco/Harry fics out there and many of them deal with various kinds of magical bondings, mostly with D/H ending up together and happy, but I'm looking for the ones where Harry rejects Draco and doesn't change his mind or give in to pressure to "save" Malfoy or because someone is pressuring him for whatever reason.

The fic can be gen or Harry can be paired with anyone. My preferred pairing is Harry/Hermione, but that isn't a necessity

I'm looking for story I read maybe two or three weeks ago. I was so sure I had bookmarked it but apparently not. So it was between 1k and 5k long I think, Gen or T-rated. From Scott's POV but I can't remember if it was Sciles or just bromance. They had just gotten into an argument and Scott was very mean, saying things like "you're the reason why I got bitten" and all. I think they got appart and Scott decides to go to Stiles' house at night. Then he realizes how mean he was and it's very angst but I think it was an happy ending?

If anyone knows what I'm talking about... Thanks!
18th-Aug-2015 11:54 am - Reba TV show fic -
Looking for any fic that has the pairing Reba/Barbra Jean. Tried fanfiction.net but there's not a lot on there
Cupid and Strife were lovers before Strife's death but Cupid wasn't really showing much respect I think. Strife was killed by Callisto as in the show. He was supposed to be revived but another god had to give some his power or something. Eris refuses (I don't remember why), but then Hades does. Persephone might have adopted him as well, I'm not sure. Strife thereby became Prince of Asphodel. Hades insisted that Cupid formally court Strife. I seem to remember that Cupid took Strife to a festival. Thanatos acted as chaperone. Thanatos was interested in Jayce and left him letters/messages but Jayce didn't realize it was him?
I'm looking for a story about Xander discovering his real family. All I can really remember is that Tony Harris beat Xander severely. So much so that Xander's mom stopped him and insisted they take Xander to the hospital. Unfortunately, they were drunk, and had a car accident. I think they both died in the accident.

The scene I remember best is when the emergency personnel are trying to rescue Xander, who was lying in the back seat. They questioned him about his condition, and he kept flickering in and out of Xander, Hyena, and Soldier. The rescue folks also realized that not all of his injuries were from the accident - or maybe that was discovered at the hospital.

At any rate, that's all I remember. The story might even have been a wip that was never finished. I don't remember, but I really want to find it. Can anyone point me in the right direction?


ETA: Found it on TTH - it's First Priority by Mel. Here's the link. http://www.tthfanfic.org/Story-9139/Mel+First+Priority.htm
Assassin's Creed
As the title says - I'm looking for a SNK/Attack on Titan Eren/Levi FF that was, apparently, posted over on FFnet and then deleted by the author. Does anyone have a copy of "A Monster and a Pawn"?

Thanks in advance! :)
29th-Jan-2015 04:52 pm - Star Wars Het Fic
I'm looking for a particular idea behind a Darth Vader het fic.  I don't want it to be incest, but I do want Vader to be in the suit AND in a sexually active relationship.  I don't know if many of these exists, but if they do, please point me that way! Plot and/or PWP are acceptable!
frodo/merry let me love you
Hey all! I just watched the episode Enigma from Stargate Sg-1 again and this pairing just popped into my head, but it's so hard to find anything for it. Can anybody help me please?! I'm rather partial to hurt/comfort and Daniel!Whump fics, but I'll take anything, even if it's just Sam/Daniel with a side of Narim, but some Daniel/Narim slash for a change would be delicious!♡ Thanks in advance!
12th-Oct-2014 06:25 pm - X-Files/True Detective fics
Hi there. I've got a hankering for some X-Files/True Detective crossover fic, and was wondering if anyone could point me that way? I'm open to any pairing, rating, genre, etc. at this point.

What I remember is that Inara's license expires and she isn't allowed to renew it. Mal and Zoe are sort of together and Zoe gets, or is, pregnant. Inara gets close to Jayne and Inara becomes the pilot for Serenity. I remember that at the end they go to the companion training house to pick up Inara's stuff and there is a trainee, a boy trainee, that disapproves of Inara's choice.

Any help would be great, thanks.
Set during Kill Ari. In this fic Kate still gets shot and dies, but the first bullet that was aimed at Tim, instead of missing him completely either ricocheted back and struck him in the back of the head or it grazes him deeply on the temple or something.

Mcgee’s so high on adrenaline that he doesn’t feel it at that time. But he might have had headaches. After Kate is shot and gone, emotions run high and both Gibbs or Tony come down and are angry and say stuff. I think this is an AU version that Tim did/didn’t do something in time the author added for dramatic effect.

I think Tony says something to the effect that Mcgee should be grateful that he’s alive. That where Kate died, he lived. Also remember Gibbs being cold to Mcgee and being hard on him. They don’t notice Tim is hit until he has been thoroughly chewed out and turns to walk away only to collapse in a heap. Of course there is guilt all around and Tony and Gibbs turn protective papa bear and big brother and have geared up their hunt for Ari. It was a really well written story with a great flow and angst. Thank you for any help you guys can offer.
23rd-Jun-2014 05:32 pm - Sparrington Fanfiction
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I'm looking for a Sparrington (Pirates of the Caribbean, Jack Sparrow/James Norrington) fanfiction. Problem is, the only thing I remember is Jack telling a mermaid off that James belongs to him ^.^" It was either implied or outright stated that Jack is a merman himself or had at least dealing with mermaids/-men before.

Also, I'm pretty certain that it was complete and no pwp and (imho) very well written. I'm ALMOST certain that I found it somewhere online, rather than on AO3 or FFnet - perhaps even a Sparrington or PotC archive?

Hope that someone can help! Thank you in advance! :) 
I am looking for a Cristina/Jackson fanfiction, where Jackson lives in the Apartment across the hall from Cristina. I think that she has to use his shower because hers was broken or something.

If anyone can find this story, thanks. I have been trying to find it for what seems like forever.
21st-Mar-2014 12:11 pm - Jayne is connected to River in cryo
I am looking for a story that was on FF.net. River is still in Cryostasis and Jayne feels connected to her. He spars and cleans his weapons near her crate. There is also a part where he lays on top of the crate.

If anyone can find this, thanks.

I have been searching high and low for a rather large series where Cutter was born a girl, I think her name was Swift, and this causes some rather amazing changes.Joyleaf challenged Bearclaw pre-series, becoming Chief, which caused some neat ripples, like Rain surviving Madcoil, among others.

I know for a fact that the female version of cutter Recognized Reyek, not Leetah.

The whole thing was HUGE, with art and multiple well thought out OCs.

I think it was called the Whirlpool? I remember that a OC's name was Cholla.

Sorry, I know this is a bit vague, but I've only recently gotten back into the Elfquest fandom, and I thought I'd try to find this series, but when I looked, I couldn't find it anywhere. I figure the site went down, but If someone has a link I can use the Wayback machine!

Can anyone help me, pretty please? :DD

Ah, sorry, no tag for Elfquest?
A few years ago, I read a long Mansfield Park fanfic, about Maria Bertram Rushworth after her disgrace. It's about her learning to be independent and managing the farm/small estate her father has banished her to and learning to be happy there. I can't find it for the life of me--does anyone know it?

Eta: Found! It is Maria, by Judith Brocklehurst.
14th-Sep-2013 04:17 pm - LF Boromir/OC and Aragorn/OC
LF two fics I read but didn't bookmark: a Lord of the Rings fic about Boromir pre-series, figuring out that he's gay and starting a relationship with a military officer from his uncle's guard. (Homosexuality is frowned upon, so it's a secret.) Faramir found out and didn't understand, but kept his brother's secret. Eventually Denethor found out and hit the roof, wanting to bring the other officer up on charges (treason, maybe?), and sent Boromir away to check out Faramir's dream to get him out of Gondor and away from his lover.

Then there's one about Aragorn before the books. There's a scare, he almost dies, and he is pressured to marry and sire heirs. Enter a really well-fleshed out daughter of the Rangers. It's a marriage of convenience, but there's affection and partnership, and a lot of details about what every-day life is like in the Ranger's lands.

Also, any good, plotty LotR recs you've got would be welcome
8th-Sep-2013 12:28 am - Looking for a Harry/Draco fic
It was a darkfic I guess you could say. All Harry's friends keep warning him and nagging him about dating Draco, Draco's not to be trusted, surely he's a Death Eater, etc...and Harry brushes it all off.

In one specific scene Harry is given a Sneakoscope to use on Draco, which Harry breaks and throws away.

In a lovely and tragic reveal, [click to uncover]it turns out that Harry is the one spying on Draco, on Dumbledore's orders. This is why he can't have the Sneakoscope around-it would signal his own deceit.

It was very well done, I may be too tired to do it justice right now. Hopefully somebody remembers it?
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